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High UV straw packing Bale Netwrap

Product Detail

    Bale Netwrap


    Bale netwrap-3600m is the  leading netwrap and it has become the industry benchmark for PREMIUM netwrap. With 20% MORE netwrap on the roll than  3000m net, Our Bale Netwrap-3600m brings significant efficiencies to the baling operation and produces fully covered bales, consistently, so increasing crop and fodder values.


    Features and Benefits:


    1.Easy to Use:  it is not springy like extruded material and very easy on the operator's hands.


    2.Stronger: The knitted HDPE net from Jiacheng for big roll is stronger in the harvest/laying direction.


    3.ZEBRA Striping: Special Zebra pattern allows you to know the roll direction-which side of the roll is the beginning and which side is the roll end.


    4.Red Roll End Marking:Red color appears in the middle of the roll of the sod when the roll of netting is about to end,making sure you are not surprisingly left without net.


    5.Versatile: Fit most harvesters. Available in most sizes.


    6.Extra Length: Extra length in every roll means fewer roll changes during harvest.


    7. Roll Carry Handles: For easier and safer handing.


    8. Guaranteed Minimum length: Every roll contains the guaranteed stated length, not a "plus-or-minus" average.


    9. Virgin Material: 100% High Density UV-Stabilized Polyethylene.


    10.UV Protection: UV stabilized for at least 12 month outdoor.