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Balcony Screen-White/Blue Color

Product Detail



    Balcony Screen and Fence Screen

    Made from HDPE with UV.

    thickness: 0,6 mm    180gsm        

    size: Balcony Screen: 75cm*600cm / 90cm*500cm

    Fence Screen: 500cm x 100 cm   

    Temperature resistant (-30°C - +60°C)

    Balcony Screen with 24 aluminum eyelets(each 12pcs on upper and lower edges) and 24m HDPE cord  φ3mm

    Fence Screen with 440 knitted holes and 24m HDPE cord     φ2.5mm              

    Total Weight: 970g


    Balcony Screen is normally striped design and Fence Screen in single color. It was used on balcony and terrace to make privacy space.