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The use of external wall climbing nets is becoming more and more widely used.

Time:2019-02-28 Click:1728

With the rapid development of China's construction industry, more and more high-rise construction and super high-rise construction are becoming more and more, and the choice of external scaffolding has become a major event in the construction of organizational planning. The construction personnel must not only consider the construction technology and safety maintenance requirements, but also meet the national environmental maintenance mission, so that the metal plate maintenance network produced by us can be used. It has the advantages of safety protection, fire insulation, noise reduction, wind and dust prevention, ventilation and heat dissipation, beautiful appearance and environmental protection.


The multi-functional climbing net is suitable for all kinds of high-rise and super high-rise construction. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, economy and durability, and has won the favor of the majority of users. The construction industry has gradually changed from the original plastic net to the all-steel galvanized steel climbing safety net, and has eliminated a large number of safety hazards, so it is very popular.


The strength of the climbing frame maintenance network is that the welding equipment is large and the welding is firmer. The pipeline operation is more and more efficient and the processing efficiency is faster. There are more than 20 technicians climbing scaffolding and more than 30 assembly workers. The production cycle is short and the delivery speed is fast. *** Planning, sales and production team, engaged in semi-steel structure, all-steel structure, climbing structure for more than 30 years, with rich structural planning, production and operation experience. During the year, it served many rock climbing companies. The company is engaged in the research and planning of the mountain climbing network, with strong strength, beautiful appearance and competitiveness.


The strengths of the climbing net are reusable. The raw material of the creep maintenance network determines that it can be reused many times, and the galvanized steel plate and the spray frame net prevent corrosion, anti-aging and durability. It eliminates the economic losses caused by frequent replacement of the dense mesh. It is very practical to save a lot of money for builders.