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Dense eye safety net is the first choice for construction engineering protection

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The dense mesh safety net is generally used in construction engineering, and its function is mainly for the purpose of safety protection on the construction site. It can effectively prevent the free fall of various objects on the building site, thus creating a cushioning effect. Therefore, it is also called "dense-type building safety net". That is, we generally see colored vertical nets that surround the entire building during construction. Most of them are green, and some are blue or very few other colors.

The safety protection of the dense mesh safety net must be combined with the safety helmet. In the construction site with a safety net, a helmet must also be worn when entering.


The quality of the dense mesh safety net is proportional to the density. The higher the density, the lower the transparency, the better the quality. The higher the security.


The safety net belongs to the national special labor protection articles. Its function is to reduce the degree of casualties or physical damage when construction workers lose their hands (missing) or when building materials, tools and other objects fall. The flame-retardant and dense-eye safety net should be strictly implemented in accordance with the current safety net national standard - "Safety Net" (GB5725-2009). Made of new high-density polyethylene monofilament, warp-knitted, high strength, flame retardant, abrasion and chemical resistance, good elasticity, good flexibility at low temperature conditions, unaffected in wet conditions, dielectric Excellent performance, stable quality and reasonable price.

Building Safety Mesh Net Installation Instructions:


1. When the safety net is installed, each buttonhole on the dense mesh safety net must be inserted into the fiber rope that meets the requirements. The tether is tied to the support or the frame. It should conform to the principle of easy knotting, firm connection and easy disassembly. . Its standard specification should have 2000 meshes per 10cm×10cm area. It should have inspection and verification parts. It should be tested for penetration resistance. The net will be at an angle of 30° to the ground. Vertically free with 5kg heavy steel pipe at the center of the center. Drop does not penetrate to pass. The support is reasonable, the force is even, and there must be no debris in the net. The lap joints shall be tight and secure, and there shall be no gaps. The safety nets to be erected shall not be demolished or damaged during the construction period, and must be removed only when there is no height.


Second, the support used for the erection of the dense mesh safety net, the diameter of the small head of the wooden pole shall not be less than 7cm, the diameter of the small head of the bamboo pole shall not be less than 8cm, and the spacing of the poles shall not be greater than 4m.


3. When the construction needs to temporarily dismantle the safety net that has been erected, the construction unit must notify and solicit the consent of the erection unit before dismantling. The construction must be completed immediately after the construction unit is restored according to the requirements, and can only be used after passing the inspection by the erection unit.


4. Clean up the debris in the net frequently; when performing welding operations on the top of the net, take effective measures to prevent the welding spark from falling on the net; do not have serious acid-base smoke around the net for a long time.


5. The dense mesh safety net must be inspected frequently during use and has tracking usage records. Safety nets that do not meet the requirements should be processed in a timely manner.

Building Safety Mesh Net Product Features:


First, the mesh density is high, the ordinary vertical building protection net is not less than 800 mesh 100 square centimeters, and the mesh density of this product is as high as 2000 mesh / 100 square centimeter. Therefore, it can block the crushing of gravel, bricks and other objects with a bottom area of ​​less than 100 square centimeters, and its safety performance is much greater than other similar products.


Second, a special knitting method using a linear multi-door structure, that is, a mesh composed of a set of linear coils and another set of reciprocating rings running through three linear chain coils. The net knot is firm and not slippery, the mesh is not easy to be deformed, the mesh body is stable in size, firm and durable, and it is very light and light, and the price is lower than the ordinary safety net.


Third, high strength, light weight, heat insulation, light transmission, dustproof and noise reduction, good ventilation, and does not affect lighting, can achieve closed operation, beautify the construction site.

Construction Safety Mesh netting Maintenance:


First, avoid dragging the net over rough surfaces or sharp edges.

Second, it is strictly forbidden for people to rely on or accumulate goods to the safety net.

Third, to avoid people jumping in or putting items into the netting.

Fourth, avoid a lot of welding or other Mars falling into the safety fence.

Safety net (dense-type safety net) specifications:

Material: HDPE high density polyethylene.

Mesh density: ≥ 2000 mesh / 100 cm 2 .

Impact resistance: 100Kg sandbag 1.5m high impact net body, impact cracking straight line length ≤ 200mm or curve length ≤ 150mm flame retardant: continuous burning ≤ 4 seconds, smoldering ≤ 4 seconds.

Standard sizes:

Mesh security net: ML1.8×6 ML1.5×6 ML2.0×6 ML1.2×6;

Safety net (flat net): P-3×6;

Safety net (small eye net): L-1.2×6L-1.5×6 L-1.8×6L-3×6.


Mesh safety net product use:

It can be used for all kinds of construction sites, especially high-rise buildings. It can effectively prevent personal and object fall damage, prevent fire caused by electric welding sparks, reduce noise and dust pollution, achieve civilized construction, protect the environment, and beautify the city.