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What are the specifications and uses of the cover net (dust net)?

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The cover soil net is also called “dust-proof net” and “shading cover soil net. It is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw material, and is added with a certain proportion of color masterbatch and anti-aging agent. It has the effect of controlling dust. Various functions such as shading, cooling, moisturizing, anti-storm, wind resistance and transmission of pests. Here are some features of the cover soil:

1. High strength and aging resistance. The production material of the sunshade net is polyethylene, and it is also blended with anti-aging agents and anti-corrosion additives. Therefore, the sunshade nets produced are not only high in strength, but also have good anti-aging properties.


2. Light and convenient, it can be cut and folded as needed, with practical adaptability and high space utilization.


3. In the summer, it can play the role of shading, dustproof and cooling. In winter, it can also play a good thermal insulation effect, and can effectively suppress dust and protect materials from being damaged.


Use of construction soil nets: In response to national environmental protection requirements, reduce dust pollution, the relevant national regulations require open coal yards, mines, construction sites, etc.

Advantages: low cost, easy to use, outstanding dustproof effect and easy construction.


Covered soil net, also known as "shading net", is the latest protection cover material for agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry, wind protection and cover soil. After the summer cover, it plays a role of blocking light, preventing rain, moisturizing and cooling; after winter and spring coverage, there is still a certain heat preservation and humidification effect. In summer (June-August), the main function of covering the sunshade net is to prevent the sun from illuminating, the impact of anti-storm, the danger of high temperature, and the spread of pests and diseases, especially to prevent the migration of insects.


Performance: shading, cooling, moisturizing, anti-storm, wind and reduce the spread of pests;


1. The dust-proof cover soil net shall fix the layout of its supporting steel on the basis of concrete.


2. The dust-proof cover soil net has two effects of windshield and dust-removing. The dust-proof net is set on the main stream surface, which has the effect of cutting the wind. The dust-collecting net is placed on other secondary air-surfaces to block the main stream. The wind lifts the escape of dust particles. When the wind direction changes, the dust net is in the mainstream direction, and the dust net has the effect of reducing the wind intensity.

3. The height of the dust-proof cover soil net should be greater than the height of the open-air bulk material pile, so that the wind-shielding dust-proof wall will not appear dusty when the wind is blocked.


4. The dust-proof cover soil net has the effect of dredging, guides the wind to guide it, and makes the wind move in a certain direction of the quasi-laminar flow, reducing the influence on the piled appearance and the appearance of the ground, and reducing the amount of dust.

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