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Application of cover soil netting in the construction site

Time:2019-02-14 Click:1559

The cover soil of the construction site is a kind of protective covering material that has been expanded for more than 10 years. After the summer cover, it plays a role of blocking light, preventing rain, moisturizing and cooling. After winter and spring coverage, there is a certain degree of heat preservation and humidification. The company has been committed to the construction of products, products are different from other ordinary plastic materials, the company's production of construction site cover soil mesh with the cloth as production materials, the production of lighter than ordinary, and durable and more durable, than the general life Three to five years long.

The construction site cover net is a new type of covering material. It is lightweight, high-strength, anti-aging, can adjust the temperature, improve the growth environment of plants under the premise of bad weather, and is listed as a key project of the national vegetable basket project. Vegetables, edible fungi, flowers, seedlings, medicinal materials, tea, aquaculture, dust prevention, civil use, etc. are widely used and have won obvious economic benefits.


The construction site cover net is made of polyethylene (HDPE), high-density polyethylene, PE, PB, PVC, recycled materials, new materials, poly-ethylene-propylene, etc. as raw materials, UV stabilizer and anti-oxidation treatment, with tensile strength Strong, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, radiation-resistant, lightweight and other characteristics. It can also be used for the conservation planting of crops such as vegetables, sweet aunts, flowers, edible fungi, seedlings, medicinal materials, ginseng, and Ganoderma lucidum, and aquatic poultry breeding industries, etc., which have obvious effects on increasing yield.


The construction site cover soil is mainly used for wind and dust suppression of coal storage plants in coal mines, coking plants, power plants, and other enterprises; ports, dock coal storage plants and various stockyards; various open materials for steel, building materials, cement and other enterprises Dust suppression in the field; harsh environment such as crop wind protection, sand-proof weather and dust-proof; railway, highway coal conservancy station coal storage yard, construction site, road dust, both sides of the highway. The dust suppression effect of the single-layer wind and dust suppression wall can reach 65-85%, and the double-layer wind suppression wall can achieve more than 95%.

Use of construction soil cover net: mainly used for heatstroke prevention, vegetable, fragrant, flower, edible fungus, seedling, medicinal material, ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, edible fungus cultivation, cooling and moisturizing of various farms, etc. Heat-resistant, cold-resistant, easy to use, long life, and low price.


After the cover site of the construction site is covered, because of the cooling and windproof effect, the communication speed between the air in the coverage area and the outside world is reduced, and the relative humidity of the air is obviously improved. At noon, the humidity increase value is large, generally 13-17%, and the humidity is high. The soil evaporation decreased, increasing soil moisture.


Performance and characteristics of the construction site cover soil: performance: shading, cooling, moisturizing, anti-storm, wind and reduce the spread of pests;


Uses: Mainly used for heatstroke prevention, vegetable, fragrant, flower, edible fungus, seedling, medicinal materials, ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, edible fungi cultivation, cooling and moisturizing of various farms, and the product has heat resistance and cold resistance. Convenient, long life, cheap price, etc.

Shandong Jinguan Netting Co., Ltd. was founded on August 18, 2000, with a registered capital of 28 million yuan. It is located in the rope net industrial park of Lizhuang Town, Huimin County, Binzhou City, Shandong Province. The company's factory covers an area of 50,000 square meters. The company has 260 employees, including 60 professional and technical personnel, and 20 graduates from colleges and universities. The company has 20 domestic advanced production lines and 6,000 tons of annual production. Specializing in the production of construction site cover soil net manufacturers.


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