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Safety nets play an important role in our life

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The safety net belongs to the national special labor protective equipment, its function is to reduce the degree of injury or injury when the construction workers miss (slip) or the building materials, tools and other things fall. The new HDPE monofilament is made by warp knitting. It has the advantages of high strength, flame retardant, good wear resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, good elasticity, good flexibility at low temperature, unaffected strength under wet conditions, excellent dielectric properties, etc. Stable quality and suitable price. For all kinds of construction sites, especially high-rise buildings, can be completely closed construction. Can effectively prevent the person, the object fall injury, prevents the electric welding spark to cause the fire, the drop Low noise dust pollution, achieve civilized construction, protect the environment, beautify the city effect.

Firstly, the mesh density is high, ordinary vertical building protection net is not less than 800 mesh 100 square centimeters, and this product mesh density is as high as 2000 mesh / 100 square centimeter. Therefore, it can prevent the falling of objects with a bottom area of 100 square centimeters, such as gravel, bricks, etc., and its safety performance is far greater than that of other similar products.

Secondly, a special method of straight chain multi-gate structure is adopted, that is, the mesh is composed of one set of straight chain coils and another set of reciprocating loops running through three linear chain coils. Its mesh knot is firm, not slippery, mesh is not easily deformed, mesh size is stable, firm and durable, it is easy to scrape, and the price is lower than ordinary safety net.

Thirdly, high intensity, light net body, heat insulation and ventilation, light and fire proof, dust proof and noise reduction, good air permeability, and no influence on lighting, which can realize closed operation and beautify construction site.