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What is the difference between Jinguan and ordinary dust-proof nets?

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In the dust-proof, although the price of Jinguan cover soil dust net is much higher than the price of ordinary dust-proof net, but many companies will still choose the higher price of the Jinguan cover soil dust NET, which is why that?

In fact, the company in the selection of Jinguan cover soil dust net, mainly because of the jinguan cover soil dust mesh and ordinary dust-proof mesh 3 points difference:

1.Jinguan Cover Soil Dust NET features: Anti-static, commodity appearance after electrostatic spray treatment, in the sun shining, can attach to the appearance of the commodity organic dirt oxidation decomposition, other, its ultra-hydrophilic so that dust is easy to be washed by rain, play a self-cleaning role, no maintenance costs. 2.Jinguan Cover soil dust net windshield dust wall Dongsheng dust-proof net windproof net cost is low, flexible setting, simple device. One-time contribution, long-term benefits.

After the wind and dust wall is set up not only to make the serious pollution of the regional environment has been improved, and the implementation of the windshield dust wall of the coal field every year also save thousands of tons of coal, in the achievement of outstanding social benefits together to obtain the economic benefits of *

3.Jinguan cover soil dust mesh can resist ultraviolet rays, aging resistance, dust mesh appearance is used spray treatment, dust-proof mesh can absorb ultraviolet rays in the sun, reduce the oxidation speed of the material itself, so that the product has a better anti-aging effect, and dust-proof mesh application life is long.

What are the characteristics of the structure of the Jinguan cover soil network:

1, the appearance is the use of two-color mesh, not only played a role in reducing pollution, for beautifying the city has also played a very good decorative role;

2, with impact resistance, mesh is a flexible material, flexible tolerance is very good, can withstand the impact of hail, strong impact resistance;

3, the selection of special weaving skills, even if it is artificially broken, will not open knots, and repair is very convenient, under normal circumstances almost do not need protection costs;

4, can resist ultraviolet rays, the mesh contains anti-ultraviolet chemical composition, can absorb ultraviolet strong light, can prolong its service life;

5, flame retardant after inspection qualified, can meet the demand for production safety. Garbage covering net and green dust cover soil mesh are polyolefin resin as the basic raw materials, and add anti-aging agent and other additives, dissolved after the weaving woven into a light, high-strength, aging-resistant new mesh agricultural plastic covering materials. So, what are the main functions of the garbage cover net and the green dust cover net?

Below by China Shandong Jinguan Mesh Co., Ltd. for you a brief introduction! ① reduces the gas Yun and Toowin in the shed and improves the microclimate in the field. Where the difference between the use of garbage covering net and green dust cover soil mesh can significantly reduce the light intensity entering the winter warm grid, effectively reduce the thermal radiation, thus reducing the temperature and ground temperature, improve the microclimate environment of zucchini growth. The general use of shading net can make the temperature in the warm winter shed 2-3 ℃ lower than the outside world, and effectively avoid the harm of strong light to the production of zucchini.

According to the determination: high temperature season can reduce the temperature of the 4.59-5℃, the maximum cooling range in hot summer is 9-12℃. ② improves soil physicochemical properties.

During the rainy season, the vegetable fields often change the knot, but the use of shading net can maintain the soil good pellets structure and permeability, increase the soil oxygen content, is conducive to the root system deep and growth, promote the production of the upper ground plants, to achieve the goal of increasing yield, but also can make the rainy day live or seedling seeds unearthed well. ③ obscures the rain. It can prevent heavy rain from directly scour the furrow surface, reduce soil erosion, protect plant and seedling leaves intact, improve commodity rate and commodity traits. According to the test, after the use of shading mesh cover, the impact of rainstorm is 98% less than open-open cultivation, rainfall decreased by 13. 29%-22.

83%. ④ reduces soil moisture evaporation. Keep the soil moist and prevent the furrow from knotted.

According to the survey, after covering the sunshade net, the evaporation of soil moisture was more than 60% less than that of open-pit cultivation. ⑤ Pest avoidance, disease prevention and damage. According to the survey, the effect of shading net on aphids was 88.8%-100%. The prevention of vegetable virus disease was 89. 8%-95.

5%, and can inhibit the occurrence and spread of a variety of vegetable diseases. Through the above explanation we know. Garbage covering net and green dust cover soil mesh is actually the same product.

It's called different just because of the different regions. The above is about the Jinguan cover soil dust mesh and ordinary dust-proof network of the difference between the detailed introduction, I hope today's explanation will bring you help!