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Different quality shade net comparison

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Agro shade net or agriculture shade net is a simple yet powerful innovation that helps protect crops, vegetables and fruits. High quality shade net has the ability to  make final user feel comfortable and cost-effective. the poor quality give adverse using experience.


Below are some differences between high quality and poor quality shade net. Wish can help clients to select the right one can suit the market.


In the material,


High quality shade net made by 100% virgin material with UV stabilizer, anti-oxidant and best color master Batch.


Poor quality shade net made by recycle material without UV stabilizer, anti-oxidant and inferior color master Batch.


In the shade net surface,


High quality shade net surface is flat, smooth and glossy, less color deviation. Obvious and well-proportioned row and column.


Poor quality shade net surface is rough,dim and more color deviation .many impurities in the shade net yarn.


In the hand feeling,


High quality shade net is full of smooth, soft and high resilience.


Poor quality shade net give the hand feel of rough, sting and inelasticity.


Jinguan brand shade net can meet the global standard and give best using experience. Hot sell 100 countries more than 18 years.


Most welcome clients from all over the world visit us and cooperate.