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Jinguan Sports Brand gained Brand Name of Shandong

Time:2019-02-14 Click:645

Our company attended the Rope Net Industry Conference which held at Shanghai National Convention Center On May 23, and known 75% of sports Net is come from our area Binzhou Huimin, and exported to more than 40 countries and regions such as US,Europe,middle east, South America etc.


Deputy of Shandong Sports Industry Development Center introduced the development of sports net in Binzhou ,Huimin with more than300 years net histroy. In the year of 2016,Shandong Sports Bureau named Binzhou Huimin as sports net industry base in Shandong because of large volumn,high quality and international etc.


Sports Net is the leading industry in Binzhou Huimin, Our Brand”Jinguan”Sports Net gain Brand Name of Shandong because of high quality, We have kinds of Sports Net, Volleyball Net,Football Net,Tennis Net,Basketball Net,Sport Fence Net etc.,welcome to contact us.