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According to "escort for agricultural income"

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"Farming depends on the weather. The harvest by science and technology, hail hit trip lines, whether to engage in agriculture, or engage in the fruit industry, leaving the bottom of the heart will not hail. The villagers concerned about the weather forecast, pay attention to weather changes, do a good job in real-time protection, has become a daily topic, has become a must. District Meteorological Science and technology has really become the "protection of God"." Hongshan Wen Zhong Zhen Dong three wells village committee director Yang Wanzhi said.

To protect people's lives and property safety, economic development and social harmony and stability, should improve the ability of weather forecasting, meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation capabilities, ability to respond to climate change, and constantly improve the function of social management and public services, meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation system, power of agriculture and animal husbandry production income feng.

They strengthen the construction of software and hardware. To further improve various rules and regulations, and make a good job of fire safety, in strict accordance with the fire, to ensure safety. At the same time, the construction requirements of "two gun library one platform" and "three iron device according to the standard, 4 hail suppression have been built point Hongshan District completed, and meet the standard requirements. Because the aviation safety problem, West Village water should not be the hail hail suppression operation, to solve the contradiction between hail and aviation safety, the village point after the cancellation of hail suppression in Chifeng Meteorological Bureau, red mountain West Water Village new antihail and rain smoke furnace 1. In order to ensure the normal use of the furnace, the rain smoke antihail and play a role in anti hail operation period of antihail and inspection, maintenance of rain smoke furnace, using antihail and guaranteeing the normal rain smoke stove, solve the west water surrounding the village of anti hail problem.

In order to improve the meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation capabilities, to minimize disaster losses, enhance the Hongshan hail suppression operation skills, better escort for agricultural production, they are held every year according to professional and technical training courses, training of personnel in charge of gunner and hail suppression. Red mountain every year to invite experts to focus on the impact of weather knowledge, hail suppression safety and Meteorological Information Officer Responsibilities and a detailed explanation. Through training, to further improve the level of suppression, enhance safety awareness, to provide security for each shot point to carry out proof to work.

To prevent disaster hail is an effective method is to use the anti hail net. Hail bursts of stage, if not good defense, orchards of fruit, such as peaches, grapes, apples, etc., will likely be a serious threat to production. To set up according to the orchard, it will not only reduce the hail hail, and the hail proof net has light transmittance, does not affect the photosynthesis of crops, widely used in vegetables, with incoming isolation pollen rape seed propagation, potatoes, flowers and other virus-free plantlets after cover and pollution-free vegetables, but also can Application for pest control, to prevent tobacco breeding, prevention and treatment of various crops and vegetable pests is preferred.