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Jinguan opportunity for development

Time:2019-02-14 Click:594

Jinguan net in December 2011 to move into the new factory, through the accumulation and precipitation in 2012 a year, Jinguan net ushered in the new year 2013!

Jinguan net companies rely on quality to win customers, rely on the credibility of image.

Customer recognition is our pursuit of the goal. General manager Ren Lichao paid great attention to product quality, "quality is the lifeblood of enterprise development" in mind forever. In 2012 to establish a modern management system and established their own laboratory, and in January 2013 set up their own R & D center, equipped with modern testing equipment and professional, do testing for each batch of raw materials and finished products, the quality of his own and actively improve.

All the staff of Jinguan net in 2012 to participate in collective training, 'every staff believe that responsibility is better than ability. We are positive, we are happy, we are making progress.

A new starting point, new beginning, diligent, pragmatic, honest Jinguan who will be full of enthusiasm, a new attitude, high morale is going to create a brighter Jinguan tomorrow.